What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is a unique arrangement within a breeding program where a breeding-quality puppy or dog is placed in a permanent home while still being part of the breeder’s breeding plans. This system benefits all parties involved: the dog enjoys a stable, loving family environment rather than living full-time in a kennel; the guardian family gets to raise a high-quality dog that they might not otherwise be able to afford; and the breeder retains the ability to guide the genetic future of their breeding program. Typically, the breeder retains breeding rights for a specified number of litters in the case of females, or a set number of years for males, after which the dog is often fully transferred to the guardian home. This arrangement allows for the ethical expansion of a breeding program while ensuring the well-being and socialization of the breeding dogs.

How much does it cost to be a Guardian?

We’ve observed that people generally take better care of things they’ve invested in financially. Therefore, we do require a minimal fee when placing a puppy in a Guardian Home. Most families find that this initial investment is not only reimbursed but also yields additional returns once the dog enters the breeding program and is proven to have been well cared for.

Following each litter, a financial reward may be given to the guardian home upon the dog’s return. After the female’s final litters—typically the fourth—a special incentive is offered to the guardian family. 

Requirements when being a Guardian

To become a Guardian Home for one of our puppies, certain requirements must be met to ensure the well-being of the dog and the success of our breeding program. Prospective Guardian Homes must live within a reasonable driving distance of our facility to facilitate easy transportation for breeding and health checks. The home environment should be safe and nurturing, with adequate space for a dog to exercise and play. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to the dog’s health and wellness, including adhering to specific feeding guidelines, attending regular veterinary checkups, and maintaining up-to-date vaccinations. Experience with dogs is preferred, but not required; however, a willingness to follow training and care recommendations provided by us is essential. Finally, Guardian Homes must agree to communication and visits from our team to ensure the ongoing health and happiness of the dog.


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