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Welcome to Boyko Ranch K9s, where excellence in canine care is our commitment. Specializing in Australian Shepherds and Mini American Shepherds, we offer top-tier breeding services with a focus on health and temperament. Beyond breeding, we provide comprehensive reproductive services, along with premium dog boarding and daycare facilities. Trust Boyko Ranch K9s for a tailored and professional approach to meeting all your canine companions’ needs.

Why Choose Boyko Ranch?

In our program, every puppy undergoes thorough care, including veterinary check-ups, microchipping, and temperament testing to reveal their unique personalities. They begin essential training in both potty and crate training, ensuring a smooth transition into their new homes. Our puppies benefit from extensive socialization practices, boosting their confidence levels for a well-rounded upbringing.

Upon adoption, each puppy receives a starter kit packed with essentials and a comprehensive packet of tips.

As part of our family, you’ll also gain access to a litter-specific Facebook page, where you can connect with other families, share updates, and witness the growth of your puppy’s siblings. We’re committed to ensuring a seamless and joyful experience for both you and your new furry companion.